Winn Feline awards 11 study grants

June 14, 2017

The Winn Feline Foundation, a Wyckoff, N.J., nonprofit that supports studies to improve cat health and has funded almost $6 million in health research for cats at more than 30 partner institutions worldwide, announced in April that it awarded more than $214,000 for 11 feline health studies. 

The research studies funded include:

Winn Feline Foundation is able to fund additional feline health studies each year through a grant from the George Sydney and Phyllis Redman Miller Trust. Via special funding through the Bria Fund for FIP research, the foundation also is calling for research proposals that address FIP genetics and molecular biology, prevention, novel diagnostics, and safe and effective treatments.

Aug. 7 is the deadline for receipt of applications for Miller Trust and FIP grants. The maximum grant is $35,000. Details are available here[3].

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  2. indoor cats and whether enriching their environment and using food puzzles to stimulate hunting behavior:
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