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Experts warn of rapid spread, impact of lone star tick-associated disease
Amblyomma americanum have been implicated in causing a handful of zoonotic illnesses that are serious to humans and animals.
Will thermal imaging gain greater traction in veterinary practice?
Thermography as a diagnostic tool is still relatively unused, but some think it might eventually find its place in the veterinary field.
Influencing the future of global animal heath, disease prevention
Students and researchers from almost 40 veterinary schools around the globe gathered at the National Institutes of Health to discuss innovative animal health research and the future of veterinary medicine.
Usher pets into their senior years with amazing grace
Help clients’ older furry companions age with dignity and quality through observation, early detection and diagnosis, and care delivered by a collaborative veterinarian-owner approach.
How to get veterinary clients, staff off their phones and in the moment
Break the annoying cycle of addiction of checking email, text, and social media in your clinic, and get everyone to “hang up” and listen.
How to support pet owners’ supplemental endeavors
The clinician-client partnership is vital when pet owners wish to help their pets achieve optimum health with supplements.
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