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Mystery malady in Montana stumps veterinarians, researchers
Researchers are searching for answers to cases that look and act like canine influenza virus but might be something entirely different.
Why one veterinarian hates these words
“The terminology used to describe companion animals is often disparaging, disdainful, and disrespectful.”
Four reasons veterinary clients avoid regular checkups for their cats—and what you can do about it
One cat is seen for every five dogs, but our feline friends need health care love, too. Take Your Cat to Vet Day is Aug. 22.
How lack of clinical evidence hinders cannabis-based therapies
Until further research is available, use of marijuana in dogs and cats is entirely experimental and based only on anecdote.
Can a children’s book series help combat the rural veterinarian shortage?
Veterinarian and author hopes to encourage young veterinarians to give large animal practice a second look by sharing her love of rural life and veterinary care one story at a time.
Could Texas get its second veterinary school wish?
Initial funding fell short of the nearly $17 million Texas Tech University had sought to begin building its school of veterinary medicine, but the state has earmarked $4.1 million for further study of the project’s feasibility.
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