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Why the University of Missouri wants your DM dog
Researchers, who discovered that a human ALS diagnostic test is applicable to identifying canine degenerative myelopathy, seek treatment trial participants.
Look on the bright side of Generation Me
Why one veterinarian holds out hope that millennials—team members and clients alike—will do for veterinary hospitals what her generation has been unable to.
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How to build the perfect wellness plan for your hospital
Wellness must become part of clinic culture, bring value to clients, and revenue to the practice.
New ways to think about pet pain
How the veterinary profession’s evolved outlook has led to novel treatment options and drugs.
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How the future of ophthalmology offers better care, prognoses
From drugs to surgical techniques to new treatment protocols, the field of veterinary ophthalmology is ever evolving, bringing better care and more promising prognoses to patients.
Enter Veterinary Practice News’ 12th Annual They Ate
What?! X-ray Contest
Show and tell us the horrifying yet impressive things pets at your practice have eaten for a chance to receive $500 and a one-year subscription to Web PACS, a Picture Archiving Communications System valued at $2,400, from contest prize sponsor, IDEXX Laboratories Inc.
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