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How UC Davis software is recognizing equine pain
What began as a project to map horses’ faces and “teach” a computer to read their expressions has led to a university collaboration to create a system to objectively assess how these animals subtly display expressions of pain.
Why dogs as diagnosticians promises lifesaving medical possibilities
Penn Vet Working Dog Center, Monell Chemical Senses Center, Penn Physics and Penn Medicine are close to identifying the specific chemicals dogs are targeting when they “smell” ovarian cancer, which could result in an early detection blood test.
How to free your veterinary clinic from problem clients
From pet owners who consistently demand special treatment to frequent appointment no-shows, a 3-strikes rule helps to encourage better behavior or hasten an invite to the door.
What happens when all clinic roles enjoy respect
Untold value lies in empowering the whole veterinary team to reach their greatest potential—from receptionists and practice managers to veterinary technicians and veterinarians.
Could your veterinary records land you in hot water?
Medical records are often considered a chore or a necessary evil—that is, until you need to care for a colleague’s patient or your veterinary board sends you intimidating correspondence.
Enter Veterinary Practice News’ 12th Annual They Ate
What?! X-ray Contest
Show and tell us the horrifying yet impressive things pets at your practice have eaten for a chance to receive $500 and a one-year subscription to Web PACS, a Picture Archiving Communications System valued at $2,400, from contest prize sponsor, IDEXX Laboratories Inc.
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