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VeterinaryPracticeNews.com is a website for veterinarians and veterinary support staff. VPN.com showcases comprehensive and timely coverage of industry news and new products, highlights successful veterinary practices and practitioners, provides fresh and objective coverage of issues, trends and events, serves as an open forum for discussing controversial topics and covers new profit centers and best practices.

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The Internet is awash in content, but not all content is equal. Our industry professionals and experts put our content at the top of its class. What we provide isn’t just good information, it is the best information available on a topic.


1) All informational and instructional articles are written by industry professionals or written by journalists who interview industry professionals.

2) VeterinaryPracticeNews.com is supported by a print publication, the leader in its field. Website content follows the same stringent policies and procedures of the print publication.

3) Our contributors and editors are networked and connected to the top veterinary researchers, behaviorists, nutritionists and innovators in rescue and other fields. What we provide isn’t just good information, it is the best information available on a topic.

4) The editor of Veterinary Practice News magazine has more than 25 years of experience in daily news reporting and production.


1) All medical articles on VeterinaryPracticeNews.com are sourced or written by professional veterinarians who specialize in that particular animal, and their names are cited.

2) The current, best medical advice changes rapidly. Medical articles on VeterinaryPracticeNews.com have dates.

3) New medical articles are updated monthly on the site.


1) Veterinary Practice News maintain the highest journalism standards in covering news stories in the veterinary category. All news stories are factual, written from a journalistic perspective. Opinion pieces are clearly stated as opinions. Strict policies and procedures are in place to protect against conflicts of interest and to maintain the highest standards of integrity.

2) The News Division has news journalists who report to a news editor. The news editor has 5 years experience covering the pet and veterinary industries.

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